When signing up to SimplyPayMe, we'll ask some basic questions about yourself as well as your business. This is for the sole purpose of verifying you as part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) and security policies so we can approve your account as soon as possible.

Create Account inputs

First Name and Last Name: Please include your first name and last name. This is your name as the account holder and not the name of the company which will be collected in the Your Business page.

Email address: Here you will be receiving updates on your payments and important information about your account. Please make sure there are no typos when you enter your email address and include the appropriate company email address. This will return an error if you do not include a legitimate email address so please take care when typing the address.

Password: This is the password that you will be associated with your SmartTrade account so please ensure you select as secure a password as possible (i.e. include letters, numbers, symbols). If you forget your password at any time you will have the option at Login to reset your password.

In this page you have the option to opt-in to occasional marketing from SmartTrade.

In this page you have the opportunity to view both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By continuing you are agreeing to these conditions and policy.

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