Once you have completed the sign up process your SimplyPayMe account will be set up for taking payments. If you have input your ID verification documents during the sign up process then you should be verified by the Acquirer within 48 hours for Pay by Bank App which will allow you to receive payments, upon approval, 2 days following this action. From that time onwards, 2 day settlement of your customer payments will be standard for Pay by Bank App.

For card payments, you will need to connect a stripe account, which will allow you to immediately start taking card payments. From the moment you've connected your account, your settlement of funds will be on a 5-day daily settlement basis, which means payouts will occur every day.

If you did not include your documents during the sign up process then please submit them as soon as possible via email to support@simplypayme.com

Payments will only be deposited in your bank account once your ID verification has been approved by the Payment Provider, upon receipt of these identity documents.

In the event there are any error messages that appear during the sign up process (e.g. from any incomplete or invalid inputs) then please contact Support who will resolve this as soon as possible. If you have any questions about any part of the signup process or the information we collect, we hope you'll get in touch via our chat, phones or by writing to support@simplypayme.com

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