We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with SmartTrade App by offering a 30 day free trial. To start accepting payments you can either download the SimplyPayMe App from the App store or Google Play and sign up through our mobile application, or you can sign up via our website by clicking the "Free Trial" button in the header and throughout the website.

What you need to make the signup process as quick and easy as possible:

- Your business details
- Bank details
- ID for verification (passport or driver's license)

Just follow a few simple steps, fill in the fields and you're immediately ready to start taking payments whilst we complete the verification process on our end. You'll have full access to all our features for a full 30 days before you need to worry about choosing a plan.

If you would like some guidance on which plan is right for you, either reach out to our support team or check out our article on Choosing a Plan.

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