We always want to make sure you only pay for what you need, which is why we offer different plans for different businesses. In order to find the perfect fit for your business, we recommend speaking to one of our amazing support representatives. However, there are some core principles which may help determine what plan works best for you.

Size of your business

Differences in our plans include how many users you intend to have on your account. If it's just you taking payments, then one of our two plans Payments and Invoicing Plus will most likely be perfect for you. However, if you are a team of more than one, where you want more people to be able to send invoices, take payments and store customer information on your behalf, then our Team plan will be perfect. Not only will everyone you invite have their own version of the SimplyPayMe App, but you can delegate jobs and tasks to your members. When inviting the new members you can also decide on their level of access, so no one has access to more information than they should, while you remain in complete control.

How often do you take payments?

If you sell products or services occasionally, for instance at trade shows or exhibitions, with weeks or months in between, then the Payments plan is perfect for you. The plan is free and you can accept all the card and Pay by Bank App payments you need to. If you need invoices at the event then you can upgrade to the Invoicing Plus plan for the event and then downgrade afterwards to the free Payments plan. SimplyPayMe makes it flexible for you to have the right plan at the right time.

If you take payments regularly, you will probably also want to use the other features to send invoices and store your customers' details for future reference. This is all available in our Invoicing Plus and Team plans. The size of your business should decide which one fits you the best.

If you want to speak to our support team about what is the best fit for you, you can reach us at any time via live chat, phone or email to support@simplypayme.com

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