When signing up to use the SimplypPayMe app and dashboard you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions for both SimplyPayme App Ltd and it's payment acquirer, "Wirecard" and are accepting the terms of the Privacy Policy.

There are no fixed-term contracts or other commitments associated with using the app, only the capacity to enter into a subscription package on a monthly basis or to secure a 15% discount and sign up for an annual account. As a subscriber to a monthly subscription for Invoicing Plus and the Teams plans your banking card will be charged monthly and you have the right to downgrade from or terminate the plan at any time. For an annual plan, the card will be charged each year, in advance.

If you are just using payments and have signed up to the Payments plan then you will have no subscription charges to pay, and the only costs will be from transaction fees associated with customer payments which will be deducted at source by the Payment Provider and the balance deposited in your bank account.

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