The SimplyPayMe app allows you to accept card payments from customers by using a sophisticated scanner which picks up a customer's credit- or debit card details. The customer then simply adds the CVV/CVC code from the back of their card and you're all set to process the payment.

The application is fully PCI level 1 compliant which means it's 100% secure and holds the highest level of security achievable in the card industry. In fact, it's impossible to use the camera function or any screen recording functions on your phone while the screen is active, making it impossible to store your customers' card details when using SimplyPayMe app.

Taking Card Payments Face to Face

If you're running a dynamic business where you may not always be taking payments over a countertop, SimplyPayMe makes sure you always have a flexible and convenient way to process your customers' card payments.

Once you're logged into your SimplyPayMe App you can either select a "Quick Payment" from your home screen, or you can go into any specific job to get paid. You'll be asked to add or confirm what you want to charge your customer, before selecting how you want to accept the payment. You will be given the option to take , a paylink, cash or via Pay by Bank app so press Take Card Payment.

Lastly, confirm the final amount and process the payment by following the steps for the payment method you've selected.

Taking Payments over the Phone

If you have your customer on your phone you can charge them directly by using the virtual terminal in your online dashboard. This will allow you to manually enter the customer's card details and immediately process the payment. Here's how to use your virtual terminal:

Taking card payments via a Paylink email

If your customer is paying at a later time or are perhaps wary about making their card details known to anyone but themselves, a great tool to use is our online invoicing. This means you can send an invoice to your customer, with a complete breakdown of all costs, and give them a Paylink where they may enter card details and process the payment themselves, without ever having to reveal any sensitive information.

How to send a Paylink from your online dashboard

How to send a paylink from your SimplyPayMe Application

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