Sending an email paylink is a great way to allow your customers to perform a payment in their own time. This also allows them to open an email and in a payment form enter their card details and process a payment without handing over card details or their physical card to you for the scanner. This can be useful when you are sending multiple payment requests out or if you are seeking a payment for a deposit etc.

Mobile Application

When accepting a payment through your mobile application, click through until you get to the screen which says "Payment Options." Here you will have the option to "Email Payment Link."

Click the button and confirm the final amount you wish to charge your customer. Lastly, if you have added a customer to the job, name and email will be filled in for you. Otherwise, simply fill in the name and email address you wish to send the paylink to and confirm.

Online Dashboard

As you would in your mobile application, you click through until you get to the screen where you can select payment method. Here you will have the option to select "Paylink."

Once you click the button you will see the customer's details already filled in for you, or if you have yet to select a customer for the job, you can enter the customer's name and email before you confirm by clicking "Send Paylink."

Paylink view by customer

The customer receives an email with the invoice and a button to "Pay my Invoice"

which links to the payment screen with the payment amount and company to which they are making the payment. The customer simply fills in their card details and confirms payment.

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