If you're running your business through the SimplyPayMe App you're going to want to keep track of all payments, including cash, cheque and bank transfers. Whether in your dashboard or mobile application, when you're taking a payment, either quick payment or for a specific job, you will have the option to record it as cash. You will see this option alongside "Send Paylink" and "Take Card Payment." when you select "Take Payment".

Type in the payment amount and the customer has the option to confirm acceptance of the job.

By accepting, the payment is complete and the job is now registered as paid and deposited.

By continuing you then have the option to send a receipt to the customer by including their name and email details or to continue back to the job home screen.

Recording a payment as cash means it's immediately stored as "Deposited" and recorded as part of your total earnings. Aside from just saving your cash payments here, you can also use cash recording to keep track of cheques or bank transfers coming in when an invoice has been paid.

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