Once you've successfully gone through the steps for taking a payment and the payment has been accepted, regardless of what method you choose, you will arrive at a final screen to send a receipt to your customer.

All you need to do is check that your customer's name and email address is correct and click "Send Receipt" and they'll get it straight to their email. If your customer has not yet provided you with an email address, or you're taking a quick payment without a customer set up in your app, you simply enter the name and email they'd like the receipt sent to and you're all set, with confirmation upon receipt being sent.

What if I didn't send a receipt and need to do this later?

Not a problem. All you do is go back in to the job you want to send a receipt for. Once you've clicked on the job you click on the red square which says "Invoice."

From this screen you'll be able to see a "Send" option to the bottom right on the mobile app.

Your customer will receive an email with the invoice attached and the invoice will state a $0.00 outstanding balance if they've paid the full amount.

Sending from Online Dashboard

As with your mobile application, once you've gone through the steps of taken a payment in any way, you will be guided to the final screen where you have the option to send a receipt.

If you have previously added a customer to the job, this information will be filled out for you ahead of time. However, if you have not yet added a customer to the job, you can simply add the customer's name and email. Your customer will receive a receipt for the job and be added as a new customer to your "Customers" list.

What if I didn't send a receipt and need to do this later?

Once you've completed a payment, the invoice you've created for the specific job will always reflect the $0 outstanding balance. Thus, if someone needs a record showing they have paid for the job, can simply follow the steps of Sending an Invoice and your customer will have a receipt for their purchase.

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