Sometimes you may need to take part payments. Perhaps you accept half upfront as a deposit and the balance upon completion or perhaps there are two people splitting the bill. This is not a problem at all with the SimplyPayMe App.

When you're accepting a payment for a quote or an invoice you'll have the option to split the payment on the first screen where you enter the total amount, by selecting Part Payment. When entering the total amount you enter the FULL AMOUNT and not the amount after you've split the payment. You will then be able to select which part of the payment you want to accept. 100% will be the default, but if you want to split it, just select one of the other options (i.e. 10%, 25%, 50%) or enter a specified % by selecting "Custom.

Mobile Application

In the mobile app after you create a quote or an invoice you first select "Part Payment" from the bottom left in the screen below:

Once you've selected the "Part Payment" option you'll be guided to the following screen:

When you've set the % amount you want to accept, the total will automatically adjust and you're all set to continue with the payment, with the choice of cards, Pay by Bank app, paylinks and cash.

Online Dashboard

In the dashboard you simply select or enter the % you want to take a payment for for your quote or invoice and click "Continue".

The total amount will automatically adjust to your set %.

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