The situation may arise when a customer feels uncomfortable using the card scanner on the SmartPhone to process their card payments, for fear of their details being stored. They should be reassured that this method of payment is PCI1 compliant and the camera is disabled whilst the scan is in operation, with all data being encrypted and only being stored by the Payment Provider (i.e. neither you as merchant or SimplyPayMe have the capacity to store this sensitive information). In the event that this reassurance is not sufficient then this would be a great situation to use the Pay by Bank app payment method as the customer is in control of the payment from within the comfort and security of their mobile banking app on their smartphone. In the event that they do not possess the mobile banking app then you can send a Paylink as an alternative payment option so that they can enter the credit or debit card details on a form received by email. This is similar to the forms that they will have used when purchasing on-line and is another secure form of payment available from SimplyPayMe on the Payment option screen.

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