There are certain reasons for why a card payment could be declined. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Insufficient funds

Your customer simply doesn't have the money to cover what you're charging. This could be that they forgot to transfer the funds to cover your invoice, or that they simply had the wrong impression of how much money they had left in their account.

Failed postcode check

When accepting a card payment, we ask you to enter the customer's postcode. This needs to match the address the issuing bank has for the customer. We respect that some customers have many cards with several addresses and may not know exactly which card is assigned to which postcode.

However, bear in mind we are doing it all for your security. If you sell something to someone who's used a stolen card, then you'll be liable for the full amount when the original owner of the card decides to report the fraudulent transaction and the bank charges the money back.

Please refer to our articles on disputes and chargebacks if you would like to learn more about these.

Blocked by the bank

Depending on how strict your customer's bank is on unknown transactions, they often may decline a transaction from an unknown merchant. Particularly if the transaction is quite large.

This, however, is fairly quick to solve. Your customer just needs to phone their bank to let them know to authorise you as a merchant and try the payment again. The full payment, as well as future payments to you, should proceed with no problems.


Should you have tried all three of these, but your customer's card is still declined, please get in touch with our support and we'll look into the issue for you.

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