SimplyPayMe App will not only help you keep track of your customers, but it will help you bring in more revenue if you pay attention to your past jobs and learn how to manage all your customers. This is also important in order to stay GDPR compliant as a business and make sure you manage your list of customers properly.

For each customer, you will get a list of associated jobs, allowing you to keep track of your historical jobs and records with this specific person. The screen below outlines the jobs with a specific customer, with address and map details.

Quality Check

When you've sold a product or service to a customer, use your customer lists to keep track of the jobs and check up on the customer after a short while to check if they're happy with the product or service you've supplied. Whether positive or negative feedback, your customer will be happy to hear you care about their experience.

Repeat Business

With your list of customers, you can look back to see all jobs you've completed for each customer. If you notice you have a customer where it's a while since the last time you completed a job, perhaps about 6 months, this is a perfect opportunity to follow up with the customer to ask if they're still happy with to product of service (e.g. requiring a regular service). When they let you know they're very happy you have a perfect opportunity to ask them if there is anything else you can do for them.

This way of keeping in touch with your customers will often generate repeat business and grow your revenue stream as they may not have come to you had you not called them.

GDPR Compliance

When you add a customer, the information you fill into your SimplyPayMe App is only what you need in order to perform a job. It's important to avoid collecting information you don't need from your customers (e.g. bank details). If you're writing notes on your customers in the SimplyPayMe App, use this to enter important details about the job, not to store sensitive information.

This way you can always say you are GDPR compliant and your customers never have to worry about their details being misused, shared or stolen.

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