Adding your first customer is simply done in seconds. You can add customers from either your mobile application or online dashboard.

Mobile Application

When you first open and sign in to SimplyPayMe, you will be in your Jobs list. In the top left, click on to "Customers." This is where all your customers will be stored with any details you need from them.

To add a new customer, click the icon with the "+" in the top right corner.

On the next screen, add any details you need for your customer and save.

From now on, whenever you're doing repeat business with this customer you can simply add them to future jobs. All jobs for this customer will also be shown in the customer page.

Online Dashboard

When in your dashboard, select the "Customers" tab to see all customers.

When adding a new customer, simply click the "New Customer" button to the upper right

and you'll arrive at the customer page where you can add details about your new customer and click "Save."

Now that you've added a new customer, perhaps you'd like to see how to Assign a customer to a job?

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