Whether on your mobile app or online dashboard, you will be able to delete a job from within the page of the specific job. Once you've clicked the job you'd like to delete there's a slight difference from the mobile app to the online dashboard.

Mobile Application

Click the small settings icon in the upper right corner of the page

A menu will drop down with job settings. At the very bottom, in smaller, black writing, you will see "Delete Job?"

Click the link, and confirm the deletion of the job by "Yes" again and the task is complete.

Online Dashboard

From the menu for "Other Actions" on the lower, right side of your screen you can select "Delete this job". By clicking on "Delete" and you're all set.

Important Note: If you have already sent an active PayLink to your customer, the job can no longer be deleted. However, you can archive the job by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of the job page, next to where it says "Status," then select "Archive."

By archiving the job, this will no longer be visible on your job lists or recorded in your payments screen.

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