Creating a new job is done in seconds in both your Mobile Application and Online Dashboard.

Mobile app

Select the "Jobs" tab and then select "New Job" in the dashboard, or the "+" in the mobile application from the upper right corner.

Just enter the name of your new job or sale and save.

You'll be guided to the new job page where you can start adding details like customer and dates, create quotes and send invoices and take a payment. Whether you create the job on your mobile application or in your dashboard, everything will sync in real-time.

Creating Jobs from Quick Payment

When just making a quick payment, the sale will be saved as a separate job to make sure everything is kept organised and tracked. When going through the steps of accepting a card, you will have the option to enter a name for the sale. However, you can also leave this field empty and SmartTrade will automatically save the job with the name being the job number, date and time from when you created it, which will show like this in your jobs list:

Even after you've taken a payment you can then come back later and add more details or send an invoice from the job if needed.

Online Dashboard

Creating a job in the dashboard is done via your "Jobs" tab. Click the "New Job" button in the upper right corner in order to start setting up your job.

Follow the steps to fill in the details you have at hand, and add the customer, as in Mobile app above. If you have not yet created a customer you can do this from your "Customers" tab by following these steps: Adding a New Customer

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