It is important for any merchant or company to have access to a list of their sales invoices and transaction fee bills, for both business performance appraisal and accounting and tax reporting.

SimplyPayMe is currently transitioning from Stripe to a different Payment Provider, Wirecard, and whilst the capacity was available previously to download invoices and bills with Stripe, we are currently working on this functionality for a forthcoming app release with Wirecard as our payment provider. With the enhanced benefits of lower transaction fees, reduced settlement terms and the opportunity to use Pay by Bank app with Wirecard, we decided to release the SmartTrade app whilst the accounting functionality was still being developed. The accounting package is currently in progress as high priority and the aim is to make it even better than before.

This functionality will be available in Invoicing Plus and Teams subscription packages in the near term and we will keep you posted on the launch of this feature.

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