Sometimes you want to send a proposal with a quote for your customer to accept before creating an invoice for your records. This is done in just a few clicks from your mobile application or online dashboard.

Mobile Application

To create and send a quote you will see "Add a Quote" as the square to the lower left of the specific job page.

Once you've selected this option you add any costs you want to be reflected in your Quote.

You have three items to add to the Quote; time, materials and other. Time can be labour or consultancy costs per day or hour where you can input the time and rate.

You can save the cost or add another like materials (e.g. spare parts, merchandise etc.) or other (e.g. parking costs, postage etc.).

Once all the items are added to your quote you can see the entire quote for your customer.

By pressing send, you can email to your customer (by adding their email details) and also include your email address for copying yourself into the communication.

There is the chance to preview the quote which includes your logo and terms that you have included in your quote and invoice settings.

Online Dashboard

Click "Create a Quote" in the upper right corner of your screen, in your Toolbox, when you are in your Job home page.

You can then add cost items to your quote below.

After you've clicked through you can add as many line items as you want and choose whether or not to charge VAT. You can set up your quote by calculating price per hour/day, or simply by project cost. You can even account for cost of material and other costs if necessary.

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