If you want to send your customer a quote before planning a job and sending the invoice, you can do this in no time both through your mobile app and online dashboard.

Mobile Application

When you've selected the job you want to create a quote for, you will see the option to "Add a Quote" on the lower left side as seen here.

When you click the option to add a quote you'll be able to add any costs you need.

There are cost options for labour, material and other.

And when you have selected all your items, with the appropriate VAT setting, you have a comprehensive customer quote,

to which you can send to your client, by inserting their email address, with the option to preview your invoice along with your logo and terms and conditions.

Online Dashboard

Select the job you want to send a quote for and look on the right-hand side of the page. You should see your Toolbox, with the option to "Create a Quote."

Once you've selected the "Create a Quote" option, you will enter the quote page where you can add any costs you want by selecting "Add a Cost" on the right-hand side.

Once you've added all your costs and you're happy to send to your customer, you select "Send Quote" and enter your customer's email address. Your customer will receive the quote with the option to accept directly from their email. You will be notified as soon as your customer accepts your quote, after which you can follow up with the official invoice.

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