All jobs are different. You may need to record specifics regarding individual jobs for yourself and your team to take into account when executing your service or selling a product. You can do this very quickly by selecting the job you need to add notes for. Then select "Add a Note" in either your dashboard or your mobile application.

Mobile Application

In your job home screen you'll see the option to add a note right away in the lower right square as you can see in the image below.

When writing a note you can also select if you'd like to add this note to your customer's quote and invoice.

Simply type the note that you would like to be attached to the job (e.g. access details, availability etc.).

After you've added a note you can either edit the note or add a new one, simply by clicking the "Notes" button and selecting the action you want to perform, whether that's adding, deleting or editing.

You can add multiple Notes to a job, for example, adding updates to the various steps in a job schedule.

All the notes are now accessible form the job home page and clearly visible when viewing the job.

Online Dashboard

In the job page you will have your Toolbox in the right hand margin. Towards the bottom you'll see "Other Actions" where you can select "Add a Note" as shown below

As soon as you've added a note you'll be able to see it in the specific job page you've added the note in and you have the capacity to add to the job or to the customer.

As with the mobile application, if you wish to add, edit or remove a note, simply click the "Notes" tab and you'll be guided to a notes page where you can perform all these actions.

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