When you set up a job, you can also schedule the job for yourself or a member of your team to perform. Once you've scheduled a job you'll see a calendar entry in your online dashboard:

If you need to reschedule the time of the job you're able to quickly click and hold anywhere in the blue field and drag it to any other time of day. The customer and team member performing the job will both be notified. If you need to reschedule to a different date, simply click the blue field and you'll see a screen pop up which allows you to set a new time and date to perform this job:

You can also reschedule by pressing the Reschedule Job green button.

which takes you to a form to change the time and date and also the member that the job is assigned to.

from which you can re-assign to a different member and save the changes.

To reschedule a job in your mobile app you click the time/date already set in the top left corner of your job's page

and set the new time and date for the job to be performed.

The mobile and dashboard will sync in real time and everyone involved will be notified of the change.

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